It’s not about freewill and fate, it’s about justice

People often confuse the concept of freewill and fate. We are destined to some specific results, not because it’s our destiny but due to the actions we have taken in our past. Most of our life events are not lead by the fate actually, but by the law of justice. Which is “As you saw so shell you reap”

Don’t underestimate the importance of thoughts and desires. If you think about your desire, either bad or good, it will sooner or later show up in your life. Concordances to this law e.g. a man desire about leisure attracts circumstances that will lead him to joblessness.



Who is divine scientist and why should we be one

To control our external circumstances, we must govern the forces within our self. For which it is crucial to know the world inside you.

Divine scientist is the one who studies internal forces and become master in controlling them. It leads towards ultimate will power and strengthen concentration.


Phases to become a divine scientist

  • Observe your inner forces
  • Test your observations through experiment
  • The facts learned after experiments are now should be classified in categories.
  • From such several classified facts a new natural law will be deduced.
  • Several such laws add up to your knowledge and you become a divine scientist.



Understand mind and how to control it

The feeling of helplessness in different life situations, is just because we don’t have enough control on our self. To control the external forces we should control the inner first. To have self-control we need to gain control of our minds. And to do so it is crucial to understand it first.



Steps towards mind control

Interception: learn about your every impulse and the desire to satisfy it.

Self-analysis: after identifying all the cravings separate them into good and bad.

Adjustment: now you have got aware of all your strengths and weaknesses and start seeing the reality of yourself.

Righteousness:  after knowing yourself you start controlling your actions, which were previously conducted by merely gratification of impulses.

Pure knowledge:  at this ultimate stage of mind control, one rules his mind and overlooks his actions.



How to develop will power

Will power is a powerful tool that can convert your dreams into reality.

  • Get rid of your bad habits one by one.
  • Make new good habits.
  • Be present minded.
  • Do with all your might what’s need to be done.
  • Make a set of rules which would lead your life.
  • Have control on words comes out of your mouth.
  • The most difficult and the ultimate level is, to have full control over your mind.



Don’t do multi-tasking

The essences of doing great work is putting all your concentration into it, even doing the smallest task. There is no such thing as multi-tasking. Multi-tasking may mean, ruining two different tasks at the same time. Follow one path until success is (focus).


Choose your thoughts carefully

Thoughts are the building block of your life and do have tremendous effects on your life. Negative thoughts about oneself and low self-esteem, weaken the character while the positive one strengthens it. It’s the traits of your character that makes your life.



Practice concentration

Concentration is doing a task with all your heart and is not a task in itself but about doing everything with great attention. You can only improve your concentration by doing every task in hand with utter attention.



Stages of concentration

  • Attention: attention is the phase when you put your concentration into a work for the first time.
  • Abstraction: in the second phase of abstraction, you control the losing track of attention, which happens often.
  • Contemplation: contemplation is about doing something with consistent focus, but intensity of focus may not be consistent now.
  • Activity in repose: in this final stage you get able to practice intense concentration without any interruption and effort for long period of time.



Practice of medication

Medication is a concentration that leads towards spiritual enlightenment and wisdom. It provides you with more strength, emotional stability and brilliance of mind. The basic difference between concentration and meditation is mastery in concentration makes you a better worldly person, while gaining expertise in meditation gives you ultimate spiritual wisdom.

But always differentiate meditation from revelry, which is just loose dreaming.


Have sense of purpose

Without appropriate purpose, your life may seems colorless. Purpose gives meaning to life. It has been discovered that people having low intelligence have smaller purposes, while those have brilliance of mind avowed bigger purposes in life.


Joy of accomplishment is real happiness

Those people who find happiness in other things instead of their work and run away from their responsibilities. Such people tremble in the character and later in the physical world.

Joy of success isn’t just a truth more fixed in reality but also motivates to be a better person than you are in present. Such joy becomes the indivisible ingredient of your soul.



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