Secret is an amazing book that guides you to the way to Success, joy, money, love or anything you want. It is a secret because, only few among us know about this but it is so easy to follow. No matter what you want, after learning the secret your life will change forever.

The nature and the universe works on the law of attraction. The law of attraction is people draw circumstances and situations they think about. It means we become what our dominating thoughts are. The images you hold in your mind create your life.

Our thoughts emit a specific frequency and what we emit returns to us. Therefore to change our life we just need to change our thoughts.




Think of abundance and you will receive it. Focus on what you want because law of attraction manifests your thoughts, no matter what they are, either good or bad. Never speak or say negative things, even if you don’t mean them.

It’s better to avoid thinking the bad experiences of past and the fears of future.

We mostly talk about what we don’t want in the form of complain. We say, “I don’t want to be late”, but the things we complain about are brought more into our lives because; such thoughts are occupying our mind.

No matter you believe it or not, it is influence your life.




If you had bad thoughts previously don’t worry, because it is scientifically proven that an affirmative thought is 100 times more powerful than a negative thought. It’s good that our thoughts don’t manifest instantly. You can assess your thoughts and can change them concordance to your desires.

Controlling the thoughts is fun because you are creating your life. To control your mind, you should quite it by performing meditation. 3 to 10 mints of meditation in the morning is enough.

A person usually has 60,000 thoughts a day. It can be a bit tricky to control all of the 60,000 thoughts; fortunately there is a short cut.

If you are feeling good than you are having good thoughts and if bad than you are having bad thoughts. Because it is impossible to feel good and having bad thoughts at the same time. Being in a bad mood in the morning can ruin your all day.

You can improve your emotional state by closing your eyes and smiling for a mint. It can get you in the state of joy. Have pets, because animals easily get you in the good emotional state. Love is one of the most powerful and positive emotional state. If you emit the frequency of love, you will receive what you emit. If you think the universe is friendly, people will be friendly to you.

How to achieve what you want

There are three steps to get what you want, using the law of attraction.

  • Ask
  • Believe
  • Receive



Be clear about what you want. Write it on the piece of paper and write it in the present tense. Asking is the first step of creation process, so make a habit of asking. Ask what you want and you will receive it. Ask for once because once you place order in a restaurant you know that you don’t need to make it again, you don’t doubt it.



Feel, act and think like you have already received it. Change your doubt into unwavering faith. Make it a habit of believing that the things you have asked for are already in your possession.



Think that you have already received and this will get on the frequency of being received. If you want a car, go test drive it and feel like you already own it. Being in the good emotional state will attract things you want. To be in the receiving frequency, say, “I am receiving now”. This puts you in the receiving frequency.




Inspired actions are effortless and set you in the good mood of receiving.

While believing your instincts, is very important, because instincts are nothing but the universe inspiring you. Thinking about the how and what?, is not your job, you will see things taking physical manifestations. Suppose you are driving on a dark way at night. The headlights of your car can only reach 200 feet and that’s what you really care for. You don’t think what the road will like for next 300 feet, you just drive for the way headlights showing you and when you cover the distance next 200 unfolds to you. This is the same with life. Just take the first step don’t worry about the whole staircase.




The mistake what most of us makes while pursuing our objectives in life is, we are mostly driven by fear and therefore focuses more on it.

For example, when someone among us decides to losing weight, he or she finds it really difficult. Sometimes instead of losing weight they start gaining more. This is due to the fact that we focus on more on our thoughts of not want like being fat. We think about fat thoughts and in turn we get fatter. We receive messages form all around us, losing weight is difficult. By listening to such messages again and again, our subconscious gets influenced by it.

The same problem was faced by author Rhonda Byrne. She says, you have heard of about some people saying no matter how much they eat, they never get fat. As they say do and believe so, the universe ultimately deals with them the same way.

If you want to use secret to lose weight then follow the steps given below.

  • Have the picture of yourself, when you were in perfect weight.
  • Place it somewhere you can see it daily.
  • Believe that you have gained the right weight. Buy clothe for your perfect weight. Don’t contradict with your thoughts and actions.
  • If you see fat people don’t observe him.
  • Don’t feel bad about your body.
  • Think perfect thoughts and be present minded while eating.




People think the time it would take for a larger thing to manifest,, will be more than a smaller one. But the truth is, size is nothing to the universe. It will take the same time for a cent to manifest, as it will take for a million dollar. It’s your thoughts and believes that makes it difficult to manifesting a bigger event in your life, but the fact is, it is all about what you believe. If you think it will take longer, then it surely will.

To strengthen your believe, start with something small like a cup of coffee or feather. Visualize it into your mind and sooner or later you will have the object you had seen in your mind’s eye. Have a sight of your good day in advance. Don’t do it in a rush. Think of things you are grateful for at the start of your day and you will receive them later.




Visualization is a great method of attracting desired things and circumstances to you. A research has shown that, the athletes who just visualized running had activated the same part of their brain which does, when they physically practice. We shouldn’t forget that all the great inventions first got invented in the minds, by just visualizing it.

Visualizing gets more powerful when you imagine the scene moving, as if it is a real scene. Suppose you want Ferrari Enzo, see the back of your hand closely and imagine it on the staring of the car. See the whole thing as a moving picture. Feel the texture of steering as if you are really driving it. It will give you the feeling of abundance, which is very necessary for the whole process. If you can feel it you can have it.

Have pictures on things you want in your home and place them where you see them daily. It can be the car you want, the home you want to live in or the office of yours. Strictly avoid the things you don’t want.




As mentioned above, we attract what we think but the question is how to think good when you run across bad? The answer is, it’s all in your mind. It’s all the matter of perception and you can change it for the better.

Like for the financial success play games of imaging bills as checks. Every time you see bills avoid that feeling of churning in stomach. You can do it by imaging that it’s a check not bill. First you will have difficulty but after practicing it for some time, you will get it hardwired into your subconscious.

Say to yourself money comes easy to me, although initially your brain will say to you “You liar, it’s hard”, but gradually you will overcome it. Your wealth is waiting for you, it just need the right mindset.

Have inner peace and feel like the money you want is already in your possession.




Avoid complaining about your relationships. If having hard time in the relationship, take a piece of paper and write everything you appreciate about that person. Be grateful about the goodness of your family members.

At the same time it is necessary to love yourself too, because if you don’t believe that you deserve to be loved how anyone can do that to you. Just start loving yourself and you will see the world will do the same. Love is a really powerful feeling that can influence circumstance to the greatest.



For those who are having some old disease but can’t heal it. Let me tell them our body changes cells every day and after every few months we don’t left with any old cell. So, if the diseased cells are gone how can the disease can go on for years.

It is because we believe it and when we believe it, it influences our body. Science calls it the Placebo effect. If a patient would be given an empty capsule with no medicine in it. The patient due to the believe that he has taking medicine; will show reasonable increase in his healing and immunity.

In the same manner if we believe that we are getting younger, it will show up on our health. Don’t put dozens of candles on your birthday cake but just one. Tell yourself that you are only few months old, as no previous cell is present in your body you were born with.

Decrease the disease to the size of pimple by stop thinking about it. Remember try not to discuss the disease with the patient at the first place, if visit any. Just keep your finger on the joy button no matter what and you will see that the things will start getting better.




The secret has nothing to do with other people, no matter what the situation is or how terrible circumstances people are creating for you, the only patient is you. You have to convince yourself about the truth you want to be manifest. Just let the people do what they want to and you focus on happiness and abundance. It’s not your job to change people but celebrate the joy of world.

Avoid such things as too much of the news, because news is highly teamed with big disasters. May be that’s because people buy more newspapers when a huge destruction takes place. When you focus on such negative events, you are adding into them and doing no good by listening too much about others pain.




The secret exposes the lie that there is not enough for everyone. This comes from the lack ideology that whatever you receive is from external, such as love and success. But it is internal and when you start believing it. You believe that everyone can have everything they want. It also eliminates the feelings of envy and greed.

Praise the things around you and bless your enemies because it will get you on the frequency of receiving 100 times more. The fact that we are not just a meat suit but a form of energy, as our body is composed of atoms. Therefore we transmit specific frequency energy around us.

All universe is one therefore when you compete you are competing against yourself. This gets you on the frequency where, all the competition draws toward you, because that’s what you are thinking.




Knowing your purpose can guide you in the right direction. If you are lost and seeking answers to your questions, then ask the question and believe that you will receive it. After which open any page of the book and your answer will be there.

Always pay attention to your surroundings, because the things you keep looking all your life may be around you but you haven’t paid attention to them. Remember to remember, universe is always giving the answer to your questions. It can be in the words of others or in the picture of a billboard. It can be anywhere just keep noticing.




Loving yourself is very important because when you love yourself, you think that you deserve the best for you. Avoid looking yourself with the eye of a critic and think of yourself as perfect. Yes, you might see at yourself and see too much defects and flaws, but this is the result of your old thinking about yourself. From now on think of yourself as perfect specimen and you will draw every best in the world.




Every moment that has every came into your life had been preparing you for this very moment, imagine what you can do with it.

Always remember that no one else can’t write your story and who you are and what you do begins Now!






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