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THINK AND GROW RICH was written by Napoleon Hill, when Andrew Carnegie the richest man of his time offered him that Napoleon Hill should write a success guiding book and he would help him meet the most successful personalities of his time. Hill accepted the offer instantly and after a great toil of several years he created a book that can help people succeed in any walk of life.

The first edition of the book was published in 1937 and later with time several new editions of the book released. The book was such an enormous success that even after 70 years of its release, Business Week magazine ranked it 6th in its list of best-Sellers paperback business book. Till 2015 its 100 million copies had been sold.

Napoleon Hill met 500 successful personalities and deducted 16 laws and 13 steps of success that are universal for any field of knowledge. The people he interviewed and studied include John D. Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell and Henry Ford.

The book emphasizes on the significance of persistence, faith, desire, while at the same time discusses magnificent concepts of Mastermind, Specialized knowledge, organized planning, Imagination, The sixth sense, the subconscious mind and The Mystery of Sex Transmutation.




Napoleon Hill was a motivational writer and self-help book author, mostly known for his best work (THINK AND GROW RICH) in the domain of self-development. But Hill wasn’t that good from the childhood. After his mother passed at the age of 9 his father had some tough time in taking care of him, as he was rebellious by nature. But soon he learned that he needs to directionalize his energy.

Form a very young age Napoleon did several different jobs but never find that success he was always looking for. He also started his own business, but things never worked for too long. Later when Andrew Carnegie discussed with him the idea to write a book on success, Hill instantly agreed to avail the opportunity. This was the turning point in Hill’s life that changed him into a success guru. He was also been an adviser of President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

His other work include The Law of Success, Outwitting the Devil, How to Sell Your Way through Life, How to Raise Your Own Salary, Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude (with W. Clement Stone), Grow Rich!: With Peace of Mind, Succeed and Grow Rich Through Persuasion, and Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude (with W. Clement Stone).





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