AWAKEN THE GIANT WITHIN YOU (Anthony Robbins) is a motivational book that provides you with the inspiration and techniques that can make you sucessful.

In this book you will be taught not to give up on your dreams but to pursue them, and how to make your dream come true no matter how big they are. Actually this book tells you to have huge dreams.

To have a happy life, it is necessary to have big goals in life. To achieve that goals you just need to use your concentration power. Just Focus “follow one course until success”.




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This is the summary from Anthony Robbins’ audio book “Awaken the giant within you




At this point of your life where ever you are, is due to the decisions you had previously made. It is not the circumstances that have shaped your life but the decisions you made have sharpened your destiny. Such is the significance of making decisions. Take decisions for your purpose of life and stay committed to it.





Decisions without actions are meaningless. Because at the end they are not decisions that will help make your dream a practical reality. As we know taking actions on you decisions is difficult, therefore there are two techniques that will assist you take actions instantly.

First “Always be in the moment”, there are many thoughts going through our mind that distracts us from the thing and task that is the need of the moment. To prevent yourself from chaos; ask yourself, what is the most important thing I need to do now?  After which just start. Ask this question to yourself every moment. This will avoid all the procrastination and chaos.

Once you start walking on the path you have chosen, it is vital to be consistent till you gain results. But, for example if we have decided to lose weight and start doing work out daily, which is taking action on your decision. But after taking actions we find hard to be consistent. So, to keep yourself motivated and energized your will power, ask yourself what this thing mean to me? For incidence you want to quit smoking, learn the case studies about the people who have suffered from it and visit them. The concepts that are demonstrable and have a tangible appearance has much more and long lasting effects on us.




    4 steps you need to take


i- What you want

Know what to you want and make decision to achieve it. Remember to stay committed with the decisions.


ii- Take actions

Start working for your commitments by taking actions.


iii- Observe your struggle

Notice whatever you are doing in achieving your dream, what is working and what is not.


iv- Change approach

Eliminate what is not working and embrace what is working.



6 things you need to remember


i- Power of decision is a tool, therefore it is necessary to take new actions with new decisions.

ii- Although most difficult responsibility that comes with the decisions is the commitment  but never take too long to make a decision.

iii- Take more decisions, and by doing so your decision making capability will flourish and you will get better in making decisions.

iv- Learn from your bad decision instead of prevent yourself form taking few.

v- Be committed but take alternative approaches to achieve your goal. Be flexible with the new means of reaching your destiny.

vi-Instead of being afraid in making decision, enjoy making one, because any decision can be the one. It can lead you towards true commitment, and can change your life.




  • Pain and pleasure

Pain and pleasure are two masters of human, they make you do things and the way you live your life. Actually the pain and pleasure in our life isn’t real most of the time but actually just a perception. Because when you work for a specific cause and do great struggle for it, it’s the thought of the results you will achieve after a great toil that gives you pleasure and keeps you on the track. While the real happiness we experience after success actually comes about, is for a very limited time. Because after achieving something we feel the need of moving to something new and get absorbed in it.

We human beings are not rational being but emotional. When make a emotional connections with things. For instance, if a student get fails in a subject for not doing the studies. He will start disliking the subject for he linked his negative feelings with that subject. As the subject is not the reason he felt bad. But it’s his irresponsible behavior that caused that sadness. Therefore when we are in an intense emotional state of happiness and sadness, we link that emotion with that state of mind. That’s why if we are in an intense emotional state we should be conscious about our surrounding and of making links.




  • Believes make the real difference

Believes are real powerful and has a great importance in determining our success. It’s the believe that makes or creates someone. Therefore it is essential to strengthen your good believes and shatter your bad believes.

First make a list of your good believes by doing brainstorming. And then takes another page and create a list of your bad believes.

Now see the list of your bad believes and ask yourself either these believes of your are real or just something your have created in your mind. Believes like I don’t look good, I don’t have the ability to create good relation with people, I am dump etc. If you think reasonably you will realize that the bad believe you are having about yourself is just a perception, may be due to your past failure or may be a wrong opinion of your friend and family member. Just remember, someone’s opinion about you does not have to become your reality.

Now what can you do about your bad believe is to perish them. But how can you do it. You can do it by just questioning them again and again. The believes either good or bad, questioned continuously shattered finally. You just need to ask yourself that the questions you ask yourself aren’t they are just a perception and only doubts you have created. Ask yourself the ideas, that I looks puzzled when speaking in public or can say ridicules things in a public therefore keep quiet, aren’t they just your fear and hesitation that is cutting you short.

It’s the opposite you can do for your good believes by reading about the success stories of people you share well believes with. By making the life of others a practical demonstration in front of you, you can strengthen your good believes. Also learn about the other believes of successful people and use those believes for yourself.




  • Link your pain and pleasure

Use your pain and pleasure to condition yourself for success. For example, think what if you don’t change now, and what it has costed you in the past. Make the pain so real that it will make you take the steps you were procrastinating. Same is effecting in linking pleasure with good habits.

Good habits are difficult to make, therefore it’s necessary to feel pleasure when forming good habits to cancel out the pain. Suppose, If you feel difficulty in getting out from your warm bed in the early morning. What you need to do is, link the pain to it. Think how it has being stopping you from achieving your great potential and being your best version. How it has cost you till now, how much time that you can’t have back is wasted by not doing so. When you wake up after overcoming the pain, image about your success and the pleasure of getting on step close to your success.

To make this new behavior permanent try to make small goals at first and reward yourself after achieving them. These rewards should be something that fulfill your urge and is more of an emotional than that of intellectual.

Make sure that this new behavior allies with your beliefs and values. Also they should have the benefits of old good habits.




  • Dream working exercise

Now after practicing this exercise we are about to reveal, your life will become meaningful. This not a very time consuming exercise. What you need to do is to again become a kid and image about all your fantasies no matter how big or small. After being a grown up we have so much burdened by the responsibilities that we lost our ability to image and to dream.



This exercise has four basic parts.


What you need is four pages and write on each page about one of basic four areas of your life and the goals relevant to them. These four areas goal are:

  • Personal development goals
  • Clear economist goals
  • Adventure goals (Toy goals)
  • Contribution goals

Personal developmental goals include the goals such as the foreign languages you want to learn, physical fitness, intellectual enhancement, Skills and knowledge you want to gain. The Clear economic goals include the financial position you want to reach at, your bank balance, your assets, your business goals, your career goals etc. Adventure goals are the goals only for your amusement and the adventures you want to experience. These goals may include the super car you want, the places to want to travel and the even the learning to fly plane.

Now finally let’s start. For each basic goal category do brain storming and write the ever single desire of yours and dream you had. Just keep writing without stopping, don’t think about achieving these goals but writing it on the paper you have. Just avoid writing details into it and keep the flow of thoughts about your fantasy smooth.

  • Now allot specific time to each goal you wrote in each of your category. If it would take 1 year write next to the goal. If it would take 5 years write 5 beside the goal and so on. It does matter if the time they require a long like 8, 10,15 or 20 years,  just write it down.
  • Now pick a single goal for 1 year from each category you wrote. Make sure the goal you chose should be meaningful to you and excite you enough to make you awake early in the morning. Write a paragraph about achieving this how will change your life and not doing what loses cause you.

If you can’t think of the enough reason or the goal isn’t exciting enough pick another.



The things you think are so big are not for you or you don’t have the right to make a goal out of them is just the fear of failure and bad believe that are created by the negative people around you and by your own negative thoughts.

Anthony Robbins has shared his story in this book that how he achieved his dream of living in a castle, a literal castle made in 1925 and also having an oval office over the ocean. Your time is limited; therefore it’s necessary to take actions NOW!




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