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The story revolves around a boy name Santiago. Santiago was the son of the farmer, who wanted him to be a priest, but Santiago loved traveling and therefore he decided to be a shepherd. Although he was a shepherd yet he has a great tendency for reading books and had decent education.

The story begins when its night and Santiago enters an abandon church, had a broken ceiling. He spent the night there with his flock of sheep but when he awakes up it was still dark. Santiago saw a dream and it was the same, he had a weak ago. He started making the sheep awake and starts traveling. He used to talk with his sheep and from few days he is just talking about a girl he met a year before. Now it has just four days left to be at her land again. He is under the sky and thinking of his father, who accepted his wish to be a shepherd with compassion. It was dawn but after some time sun appeared.



The boy goes to an old woman known for interpreting dreams. Santiago dream was, he is in a field with his sheep and a child came that starts playing with the animals. Later the child holds his hand and teleport him to Egyptian pyramids. There the child tells him about his treasure but when the child was about to show him the exact place he woke up both time. The gypsy said that she would not charge him anything now, but he would have to pay her 1/10 of the treasure if he would find it. Further she said that he should go to the Egyptian pyramid.



The boy got confused by listing to the gypsy and decided to go market to eat something. He got into a plaza and started reading a book along with a wine bottle. An old man came and sat next to him. He tried to strike up a conversation but as the boy was reading he tried to avoid. However after several attempts the conversation begins.

After asking him, old man tells the boy that he is a king and will help him find treasure if he gives him 1/10 of the flock. The boy didn’t believe him initially but later started trusting him for the miracles he showed to him. He asked him to meet at this same place tomorrow.



Santiago was confused and finds it hard to make a decision. As he thought of his sheep who are entirely dependent on him. He also thought of the girl whom he will meet in next three days, if he would be on the old journey he was having and give up the thought of search for treasure. But after thinking for a while he decided that he will go to the Egyptian pyramids. The next day boy came with 1/10 of the sheep while selling the rest. He gave the sheep to the old king who handovers him two stones from his bracelet. He told the boy that the stones would help him in making decisions. One stone was white, other was black. White means no, while black indicates yes.



When Santiago arrived at the land of Africa, he realized that he had forgotten about one thing which can be an obstacle to reach the treasure. It was Arabic language which he didn’t know. He gets to a place where a young man offered him to be his guide. The young man was Spanish and Santiago gave him all the money he had. Santiago didn’t refused, when the boy asked to show the money because he was the only person Santiago can communicate properly and he don’t want to appear unfriendly. While passing through the crowded market Santiago loses his sight from the boy, who got vanished.

He got really disappointed but after some time he regains his spirit of being on adventure. Santiago wakes up after sleeping in the market for the night.



When the boy woke up next morning the market was getting open. A candy maker gave him a candy to eat, after which the boy went further and find a crustal piece shop. Outside the shop, it was written that the shop keeper can speak several languages.

The boy asked the shop keeper that, would the shopkeeper give him something to eat if he cleans the crystal pieces? But when the shop keeper kept looking at him and did not say anything, the boy himself started cleaning glasses. After which they went for lunch.



While the boy having lunch, the shop keeper told him that Egypt is too far away and even if he work for an entire year, he would still need to borrow money for the journey. The boy got really disappointed as his dream got broke into pieces. The shop keeper said that he would give him a job by which he would earn enough money to get back home.

The boy worked at crystal shop for 11 months and 9 days after which he gathered enough money to buy 120 sheep, a return ticket and a trading license to take goods along with him. Now he also had learned Arabic.



The boy talked to the shop keeper and had his last conversation before leaving. But after the talk, he realizes that he can be a shepherd whenever he wants to, but he would never get the chance to follow his dream again. At least he is two hours closer to his destiny, which was the treasure he had come for.

Before the boy set out on his journey to the Egypt, he met an English man at a café. The English man was also going on the journey along with the same caravan; therefore they accompanied each other in the caravan. They spend most of their time having conversations. While traveling the boy learned that there is war taking place among different tribesmen, and that in the vast desert they are in the constant danger. On the other hand, The English man was a well-educated person who was searching for a true alchemist. An alchemist is a person who can convert other materials into gold. Englishman told this to the boy.

After several days of traveling the caravan arrived at an oasis. It was a large oasis with hundreds of wells, trees and full of other caravans and people. The head of the caravan said that it was war in the desert between different tributes and therefore they would stay in the oasis until things got back to normal. At oasis the Boy meets a girl, name Fatima and both fell in love with each other. Whereas English man reveals to Santiago that, here nearby the oasis he met an alchemist, who told him to keep trying, what he has been doing up till now.



While Santiago was at the oasis he had a vision that some tribesmen are attacking oasis, therefore he talked about it with a camel man. The camel man takes him to the chief. The chief asked the boy why any other person in the oasis had not this vision but you only. The boy said as he is an outsider and his eyes are not accustomed to the normal things of the desert, therefore he had a vision while watching two hawks flying.

When the boy came out of chief’s tent it was night, no one was around. A horseman came from nowhere with a sword and asked Santiago that, what he was doing here. After exchanging few words, he said Santiago that he was courageous and he should see him later. He told him that he lives in the south. The horse man was alchemist.

The next day Santiago’s dream manifested accordingly and an army of tribesmen came to oasis. They attacked chief’s tent after encircling it. As the people of oasis already prepared, the tent was empty and suddenly the people of oasis attacked the tribesmen army, who had broken the custom and law of never bringing an army to an oasis, because oasis is a neutral territory. The oasis chief faced out the attacker’s army and rewarded the boy with 50 gold coins. He also offered him to be his counselor.

After that boy went to the south, where he saw the horse man (alchemist) he met last night. Alchemist advised him to go to the pyramids, because it was war everywhere in the desert and therefore caravan would stay here for undeclared period of time.

The boy decided to go to the Egyptian pyramids with alchemist and therefore he met Fatima before setting on the journey, with the promise that he will return.



The boy continued his journey with the alchemist and after traveling a long distance they were caught by tribesmen, who take them to the military tent of their chief. The alchemist presented the boy’s gold coin to the chief who accepted it. When the alchemist asked said that Santiago is an alchemist who has natural powers and can destroy this army tent into ruins. The chief asked Santiago to show his powers and if he fails to show him within the next three days he will kill him. Santiago was panicked. He talked to the desert and the desert talked to him. He had conversation with the wind and with the sun. After which stormy wind blow hard and the tent was blown away, which lead chief to believe Santiago.

Again he continued his journey with alchemist. After travelling to some distance alchemist got separated from Santiago at a monastery. Where alchemist convert lead into gold and divided into four parts. Gives one part to the monk of the monastery, one to Santiago, and kept one for him while he gave fourth part to the monk as the custodian for Santiago. Alchemist said that he had given it for Santiago because there were many robbers in the desert.



From here the pyramids are at the distance of several hours. So, the boy continued his journey alone. At last he reached at the pyramids and it was night. When he climbed a sand dune, he could saw far away in the entire desert and the majestic pyramids. He could do so because it was full moon. Santiago sat down and started crying. He started digging where his first drops of tears fell, as that’s what his heart told him to do. After digging for some time he’s getting tired now, but he kept digging for the wind was putting sand back into the pit.

He heard footsteps and three black figures appear from nowhere. They were war refugees and wanted money from the boy. But first they asked what Santiago was doing here. The boy didn’t say anything for he was terrified, he didn’t want to lose his treasure to these people. They took the gold piece of Santiago (which alchemist gave him) and make him dig more. As the thought Santiago had some kind of treasure which he was hiding there. But even after digging some more they can’t see anything, because there wasn’t there actually. They started beating the Santiago because they believed that he was hiding treasure. They beat him to so much that Santiago clothes tore into shreds and he started bleeding.

The sun has raised now and the Santiago was bleeding. The Santiago remembered what alchemist told him “what use of gold if it can’t save his life. And it really happens that money saves someone’s life”.

At last the boy screamed out that he came here in the search of treasure, which he saw in a reoccurring dream. The one who appeared to be the leader among the three, it made him feel that Santiago was telling the truth. Therefore he told the other two, to leave the boy and said he had nothing and maybe the gold he possessed, he had stolen from somewhere. They leave the boy.

The boy sat up unconsciously. But before going away the leader came back and he shock Santiago and told him that he would not die but going to live and he had learned that a man should not be that’s stupid. Further he told Santiago that, two years ago he had a reoccurring dream at that same place, in which he saw a treasure hidden in an abandon church where a shepherd and his sheep had been sleeping. The church was in Spain but he was not that stupid to go all the way crossing desert just because of a reoccurring dream.

When they got away, the boy again looked at the pyramids. He started laughing for his heart was bursting with joy because he knew now where his treasure actually is. He went back to the abandon church in Spain and finally found his treasure, but he still remembers his deal with the gypsy and thinks of Fatima.



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After struggling for a particular goal and continuously failing, man realizes that there is a power exist that determines their success or failure. We know this power by names of fate, luck and destiny.

There is a big contradiction between two the concepts of freewill and fate. If man has the will to choose his path in life then why this force of fate influences him. If there is nothing like freewill it means we are distinct to a certain end. Then why we work and do great toil to yield results and if everything is predetermined then we should not work and care about the end results.



Apart from freewill and fate there is justice

Actually between these two extremes freewill and determinism, there is a middle path which is somehow the justices. Human life works on the law of causation.

It means the life of human is derived by the cause and effect. The things we do in life no matter how big or small, directly or in directly determine our success or failure.

Man is determined to some predetermine ends not because of fate but due to the actions he has taken before. It seems that the actions are conducted by character, is something one is born with. Therefore, there is no need of teaching moral laws. But it’s not true because personality and character are two different things, as character is not something which is ready-made but something that evolves over time. Our character is shaped by the actions we take and decisions we make. Therefore we built our own actions by our deeds and what we are now is due to the deeds of our past.

Sometimes it seems like people who are good and honest don’t achieve much in life while the shrewd, bad peoples succeeds well in life, where is the justice in it. We should first understand this, that human beings are evolving creatures and who are continuously changing. The person who is good now was bad at some incidence of his life while the one who is unjust and cruel was just and honest. If a good person is suffering badly it may be due to his past deeds and as he is doing good now, he will bear fruit of his good actions in the future. Therefore whatever we do come with some consequence in our life.


What is divine scientist?

As most of us know the people who study nature are scientist but the people who study the internal forces within him or her are known as divine scientists. These divine scientists are different from the natural scientist as natural scientists study the external forces and phenomena while the divine scientist observe and learn the inner forces and natural laws.

The divine scientists are the people who touch the pinnacle of self-control because they have understood the world inside them in great detail.


There are five steps to be a divine scientist

  1. Observation

Observation is about noticing the natural phenomena’s and patterns within oneself.

  1. Experimentation

In this second step the observation one has, he tests it through experiments.

  1. Classification

After testing the observation, he comes up with some new facts. He rejects the former and hold                   up to the later. The facts he has gathered he know classify them.

  1. Deduction

After classifying numerous facts the one try to deduce an underline natural law from it.

  1. Knowledge

After reducing the natural laws, now one has become a divine scientist. Now it is his duty to serve               others with the knowledge he has discovered.

It is necessary to know that one can’t become the divine scientist within days, months or even few years because it requires great practice for many years. The practice is difficult not because it’s a great struggle to practice these steps but it requires an unrecognized and unappreciated toil for many years to become a master.


(Influence of mind)

The one who thinks he already knew, can’t learn more and this is same with the case of self inspection to have complete control over your life you need to have complete control over your mind. And to have the control over your mind you need to understand your mind, it’s thought, its impulses and your nature itself. Following are some steps that will lead you towards complete understanding and control of your mind.

  1. Interception

You need to learn the basic urges and the nature of yourself. It is only possible by knowing the                     every selfish gratification, impulses and passion for the worldly pleasures.

  1. Self-analysis

After learning all the urges and tendencies of your mind you need to separate them. The good                      tendencies that bring pleasurable results should be separate from the bad tendencies that bring                  bad conclusions. Now he has understood the urges and so he can control his life because these are              the urges that drive our actions and ultimately our life.

  1. Adjustment

Know the one who has been observing one’s mind has reach the point of ultimate discovery. He                 has got aware from all his weaknesses, strengths and now he doesn’t do the underestimation or                   overestimation of himself. It is the height of knowledge to see yourself as other sees you, while it                 is wisdom and the step further from knowledge to see yourself who you are in reality.

  1. Righteousness

In the forth step he has control the minor acts drive by the thoughts which yield pain or                                pleasure, grief or happiness. Now he is the master of his nature and circumstances. Instead of                    control by his nature or circumstances he is in charge of his nature and circumstances.

  1. Pure knowledge

By having the right thought and acting right he has reach the final and highest level of self-                          control.

After gaining self-control and driving himself from the darkness of ignorance to the enlightenment, now it is his duty to serve the humanity with his knowledge and wisdom. He has knew that one should abide by laws of nature and of moral law and that’s what he should teach to the others

He who practices all the five steps starts seeing things as the way they are but not personally. He does what is right not see the actions he should take as pleasant or unpleasant.

A human life is conducted by the cause and effects of his deeds. A man has full control over the actions he takes but after committing the actions losses his ability to influence the affect. As man has no control over the affects which are the consequences of the deeds he has committed. A man is responsible for his actions and custodian of his deeds. But has no control and responsible for the actions of other peoples. The effects of one action always be faced by the one who had taken those actions therefore no one is responsible for the actions he takes for the causes and the consequences are directed towards those who takes the actions.




Strong will is one of the most crucial thing to achieve the purpose of life yet it is something least understood. strong will power is not a secret that can suddenly makes you a man of great focus, but a gradual process of several steps by a practicing which you gain strength of will in a specific course of time. And those who claim to give you the strong will power in exchange of large sum of money, are just bluffing using the fantasies of people. By getting into such direction will ultimately dilute the will power one already have. To master will power you need to observe several steps for long period of time to gain the ultimate control of yourself.




  1. Overcoming bad habits

A man can’t be a slave of his temporary desires and a master of his mind at the same time therefore to gain full control of yourself you need to first get rid of the bad urges that are weakening you.

  1. Making good habits

After getting rid of the bad habits it can easier to make new good habits. As by making good habits you are going through the process of practicing your will power.

  1. Give scrupulous attention to the present movement

Presences of mind and singleness of purpose is very necessary to achieve the desire results in time. Being present minded will create efficiency and effectiveness in your work.

  1. Do vigorously what need to be done

Idleness and being committed are two opposite things that can’t work together. To do what is necessary one should not procrastinate and should not put it of even for a minute.

  1. Live by the rules

We all have an untamed beast in us and living by the rules can discipline that beast. We should have rules of what to eat what not to eat, what to wear and what not to wear, when to sleep and when to wake up.

  1. Controlling the tongue

Controlling the tongue is the one of the most difficult and second highest phases of will power as most of the consequences and situations we face in life are not cause by our actions but the words we spoke. One should have the full control of words coming out of his mouth and nothing more should be said then the necessary.

  1. Controlling the mind

It is the ultimate and highest level of will power, for it is the most difficult thing to control ones will power. It is the last step in the struggle of gaining full control of one’s self and comes after several others levels. Because to control your mind you need to control your flow of thoughts, as thoughts are the root of every action and each word we say.




Thoroughness is the great trait avowed by one while doing the even smallest of task. The one who gives proper attention and presence of mind create extra ordinary work. As your work may not be the best of the other’s best but you should at least try to get not worst from the other’s best.

Like according to the law of physics two things can’t occupy the same space, in the same way the mind can’t be occupied by two opposite stream of thought. One can’t have the mind set of thoroughness and idleness at the same time. The mind fill with the care of the gratification for temporary pleasures will create incompetent and substandard work. To be the man of excellence one should put all his focus to the singleness of mind and do the task in hand with his utter attention.

The people who are poor in performing the worldly task with appropriate competency are also bad in performing the spiritual one. One shouldn’t put his one eye to the one specific task while the other one on the other task. In this manner they are unable to do both the work in proper way it’s better to do the lower task with full attention than doing the higher level task with half of the mind.




Everything in the universe is built with some basic building unit; such as rock is built of atoms, book is built of letters and nations are built of deeds. In the same way a man characters is built of the thoughts he bears in his mind. Like the saying, a man is what he think of himself.

The negative thoughts of self-pity, weakens thoughts of failure and selfish thoughts of the fulfillment of unnecessary urges are the thoughts that build a week character. While the thoughts of self-confidence and inspiration builds a strong one. The thoughts are the building blocks of the character; therefore it is necessary to choose them with great care. The character build by the wrong thoughts will be so week that at the first critical movement it fall and may be even before its finish.

The one who are great observers ultimately learns the true laws of nature and how rise and fall of life occurs. The four characteristics required to live a successful life are justices, rectitude, sincerity and kindness. The one who is being unjust and dishonest but succeed in gaining money will think that deceiving others and being dishonest is well. But his life is standing on the hollow and week foundations that will tremble down when the life situations will put his character to test.




Concentration is the mother of excellence; it’s not a purpose in itself but serves all purposes. It is about keeping your mind at a point and bringing it back if it wanders. There are people who suggest exercises such as concentrating your sight on the tip of your nose or at some imaginary point in the space. But such exercises are like moving jaws empty mouth in the act of eating to nourish the body. As concentration is not a task in itself but doing any task with extreme presence of mind. One should avoid such useless exercises for this weakens the mind further.

Whoever no matter, which field you belong to, do his work with great thoroughness. To get better in anything you should practice it until you really get good in it. Therefore enhancing the power of concentration one should use it on the task in hand, rather than seeing it as a task in itself.

Following are four levels of concentration.

  1. Attention
  2. Abstraction
  3. Contemplation
  4. Activity in repose

Attention is the first level of concentration in which one focuses on the task in hand. Abstraction is the second phase in which one deals with the wandering of mind. Contemplation is about doing the task with the ability to get disconnects with all five senses sending stimulus irrelevant to the task in hand. Activity in repose is doing the work with intense concentration and least friction.

The people who can’t achieve the first level which is most easy are the lazy one and can’t achieve anything in life. The first level of attention is the level of concentration which most of us practices to do a task, as nothing can’t be done without it. Abstraction is achieved when a task is attended for a much longer time with persistence, even with the time to time interruption of loose of focus.

The first two levels are easy to obtain comparatively to next two. Most of the people that get to the second level of abstraction include the people who are craft mans and skilled person. While when a person reaches to the third level of contemplation he has entered in the sphere of genius, the next two levels contemplation and activity in repose are mostly the levels of poets, philosophers and scientists. In contemplation you have concentrated for so long that you do it with great ease and least friction. While in the activity of repose one do the intense activity for long time with steadiness. The activity of repose is like a top who get still and seems at rest when rotates at the maximum speed.  This top is in intense activity but seems still. The person who practices concentration at the level of activity in repose has calm and radiant look on his face.

The attention is the level of being useful. The abstraction is the level of skilled and talented. The contemplation is being elevated to the level of original and genius. While the activity in repose is the level of mastery.




Aspiration of concentration is can achieve worldly skill and knowledge with concentration but to gain divine knowledge and enlightenment meditation must be practice. Concentration bears the power to do worldly things and to be genius but meditation is necessary to achieve the height of truth. The spiritual nourishment is possible only by meditation.

The person’s personality determines the quality of meditation one practices. The intensity of nature helps in doing effective meditation. A fiery nature person can perform meditation to a much higher level than that of others.

Meditation is about bringing the mind to a center point in the search of truth. Meditation involves all the four steps of concentration, but performing meditation is the far more difficult task. As concentration requires no purity of heart. While meditation demands it. Meditation unlike concentration has to be performed at a specific time and place. It’s better to perform half hour of meditation in the early morning which will be enough and influence all your day. The person practices meditation not only becomes better in it but also in the worldly tasks. He becomes stronger, calmer and wiser.

Meditation should not be confused with revelry. Revelry is just loose dreaming while meditation is purposeful thinking. Revelry is pleasing, while meditation is first platter peaceful. Revelry is derived from the luxuries surroundings and lifestyle while meditation can be done only by discipline. Meditation provides divine wisdom and helps enhancing self-control. Revelry is dangerous as it can make a man control by his mind. Therefore as both are two entirely opposite things that seems similar. One should know the signs of revelry to better avoid it and the signs of meditation to practice it better.


Signs of revelry

  1. Desire to avoid exertion.

  2. A desire to experience pleasure of dreaming.

  3. An increasing distaste for one’s worldly duties.

  4. A desire to shirk one’s worldly responsibilities.

  5. Fear of consequences.

  6. A wish to get money with as little effort as possible.


Indications of meditation

  1. Increasable physical and mental energy.

  2. A strenuous striving after wisdom.

  3. A decrease of irksomeness in the performance of duty.

  4. A fix determination to fulfill all worldly responsibilities.

  5. Freedom from fear.

  6. Indifference to riches.

  7. Possession of self-control.



There are places where meditation is difficult and there are places where meditation is impossible, while at some places one can practice meditation with great ease.

  1. Time, places and situations where meditation is possible

  2. At or immediately after meals.

  3. In places of pleasure.

  4. In crowded places.

  5. While walking rapidly.

  6. While lying in bed in morning.

  7. While smoking.

  8. While sitting or lying on a couch for physical or mental relaxation.

  • Time, places and situations where meditation is difficult

  1. At night.

  2. In a luxuriously furnished room.

  3. While sitting on a soft seat.

  4. While wearing gay clothing.

  5. When in company.

  6. When a body is weary.

  7. If a body is given too much food.

    Time, places and conditions which is best to medicate

  1. Very early in the morning.

  2. Immediately before meals.

  3. In solitude.

  4. In open air or a plainly furnished room.

  5. While setting on a hard seat.

  6. When the body is strong and vigorous.

  7. When the body is modestly and plainly clothed.

It should be noted that person practice meditation should be in a balance of all aspects in time, space and situation. He should not be dressed in rags nor in expensive cloth, one should be fill the body with too much food nor should he be starving. Therefore meditation is best possible in the conditions and the situations of equilibrium.




If man gains the power of purpose his useless imaginations and vague fantasies are swallowed by it. It also direct ones all energy in a specific direction. All great man has one thing in common and that is the purpose. No matter how intensely difficult circumstances are such person never surrenders. But instead their determination towards a purpose gets more firms when they encounter more difficulties.

The purpose in life has a direct relationship with the intelligence of the ones purpose. People with high level of intelligence have bigger purpose in life. While the people with little intelligence usually has no purpose in life.




No matter how insignificant a task is, if done with faith and soul attention, its completion will bring great joy to your heart. A joy which is not temporary, but becomes the part of one’s soul. While the person who tries to escape from his obligations, duties and exertion will perish. He will perish first in his character and later in his body. On the other hand energetic people continuously strive for greater things every time they achieve one and in this way they continuously get to the level of the big winners.





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It’s not about freewill and fate, it’s about justice

People often confuse the concept of freewill and fate. We are destined to some specific results, not because it’s our destiny but due to the actions we have taken in our past. Most of our life events are not lead by the fate actually, but by the law of justice. Which is “As you saw so shell you reap”

Don’t underestimate the importance of thoughts and desires. If you think about your desire, either bad or good, it will sooner or later show up in your life. Concordances to this law e.g. a man desire about leisure attracts circumstances that will lead him to joblessness.



Who is divine scientist and why should we be one

To control our external circumstances, we must govern the forces within our self. For which it is crucial to know the world inside you.

Divine scientist is the one who studies internal forces and become master in controlling them. It leads towards ultimate will power and strengthen concentration.


Phases to become a divine scientist

  • Observe your inner forces
  • Test your observations through experiment
  • The facts learned after experiments are now should be classified in categories.
  • From such several classified facts a new natural law will be deduced.
  • Several such laws add up to your knowledge and you become a divine scientist.



Understand mind and how to control it

The feeling of helplessness in different life situations, is just because we don’t have enough control on our self. To control the external forces we should control the inner first. To have self-control we need to gain control of our minds. And to do so it is crucial to understand it first.



Steps towards mind control

Interception: learn about your every impulse and the desire to satisfy it.

Self-analysis: after identifying all the cravings separate them into good and bad.

Adjustment: now you have got aware of all your strengths and weaknesses and start seeing the reality of yourself.

Righteousness:  after knowing yourself you start controlling your actions, which were previously conducted by merely gratification of impulses.

Pure knowledge:  at this ultimate stage of mind control, one rules his mind and overlooks his actions.



How to develop will power

Will power is a powerful tool that can convert your dreams into reality.

  • Get rid of your bad habits one by one.
  • Make new good habits.
  • Be present minded.
  • Do with all your might what’s need to be done.
  • Make a set of rules which would lead your life.
  • Have control on words comes out of your mouth.
  • The most difficult and the ultimate level is, to have full control over your mind.



Don’t do multi-tasking

The essences of doing great work is putting all your concentration into it, even doing the smallest task. There is no such thing as multi-tasking. Multi-tasking may mean, ruining two different tasks at the same time. Follow one path until success is (focus).


Choose your thoughts carefully

Thoughts are the building block of your life and do have tremendous effects on your life. Negative thoughts about oneself and low self-esteem, weaken the character while the positive one strengthens it. It’s the traits of your character that makes your life.



Practice concentration

Concentration is doing a task with all your heart and is not a task in itself but about doing everything with great attention. You can only improve your concentration by doing every task in hand with utter attention.



Stages of concentration

  • Attention: attention is the phase when you put your concentration into a work for the first time.
  • Abstraction: in the second phase of abstraction, you control the losing track of attention, which happens often.
  • Contemplation: contemplation is about doing something with consistent focus, but intensity of focus may not be consistent now.
  • Activity in repose: in this final stage you get able to practice intense concentration without any interruption and effort for long period of time.



Practice of medication

Medication is a concentration that leads towards spiritual enlightenment and wisdom. It provides you with more strength, emotional stability and brilliance of mind. The basic difference between concentration and meditation is mastery in concentration makes you a better worldly person, while gaining expertise in meditation gives you ultimate spiritual wisdom.

But always differentiate meditation from revelry, which is just loose dreaming.


Have sense of purpose

Without appropriate purpose, your life may seems colorless. Purpose gives meaning to life. It has been discovered that people having low intelligence have smaller purposes, while those have brilliance of mind avowed bigger purposes in life.


Joy of accomplishment is real happiness

Those people who find happiness in other things instead of their work and run away from their responsibilities. Such people tremble in the character and later in the physical world.

Joy of success isn’t just a truth more fixed in reality but also motivates to be a better person than you are in present. Such joy becomes the indivisible ingredient of your soul.



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PAULO COELHO is a Brazilian novelist, best known for his worldwide phenomena of Alchemist novel. Although Alchemist was not an initial success, but later became the best-selling Brazilian novel of all times. After becoming famous translated into 81 different languages. However Paulo Coelho was also a lyrist, theater director and generalist, but decided to make his career as a novelist. Paulo Coelho wrote his first novel in 1982, Hell Archives, which did not influence the reader much. Later in 1988 he created the master piece of THE ALCHEMIST, which when written in Portuguese did not gain much admiration. Yet in 1994 it became the best seller after it translated to English, with 83 million copies sold. Some other good pieces of work include ELEVEN MINUTES, BRIDA, VERONIKA DECIDES TO DIE, THE PILGRIMAGE and ADULTERY.






The Alchemist has influenced the lives of millions of people worldwide, with its mesmerizing adventure fantasy and inspiration of a self-help book. The book presents several interesting and out of the box philosophy about life. This amusing quest story has raised hopes and has enlightened the minds of countless readers. Alchemist is literally a wonder itself, as the whole success story of Paulo Coelho is much more like what the book preaches.

It tells the story of a young shepherd who kept believing in his dreams and struggle hard to achieve them. In his journey he meets several different people and learned so much about life. Finally, against all odds he succeeds in transforming his dream into reality.





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Master of destiny is a self-mastery and self-control guide. It inspires readers with its optimistic approach towards life.

It discusses the personal development’s aspects such as having the sense of purpose, enhancing concentration and developing your willpower.Hence Its topic of discussion includes self-analysis, training of will power, practice of medication, cultivation of concentration and power of purpose. It not only preaches the necessary elements of success, but also provides spiritual enlightenment.



James Allen was the first one who wrote credible self-help books in the early 20 century. Although Allen was a writer, journalist, poet but famous for his work on self-development. Since his first book on personal enhancement was “From Poverty to Power” (1901), which was most noteworthy. Later he got recognition and fame, when he wrote “As a Man Thinketh” (1903). His subject of work such as personal enhancement, fate, destiny, prosperity and sense of purpose, were niches James Allen had made incredible contribution. In addition his work had the unbelievable combination of simplicity and depth of subject.

“Circumstances do not make the man, they reveal him”.                                James Allen










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