the alchemist short summary





A young shepherd name Santiago had a dream about a treasure buried near the Egyptian pyramids, while he was sleeping in the abandon church in Spain. Santiago lives in Spain and when he went to the gypsy (old woman), she tells him to go Egyptian pyramids in search of his treasure. Later he met an old man, who was the king of Salem, helped Santiago make his decision to follow his dream.

Santiago went Africa after selling all his sheep flock. At first he got deceive by a thief. He later works at a crustal shop for he had no money. The owner of crystal shop tells him that going to Egyptian pyramids is a distant dream he can’t achieve. This makes him disappointed and after being dishearten he decided to collect enough money, so he can be a shepherd again.

He works 11 months and 9 days at the crystal shop, but just at the time, he was about to leave for his home town, a sudden thought came to him that he can always be a shepherd again but this is the only time he can pursue his dream. And if he doesn’t do so he may regret rest of his life. Therefore he set on a journey with a caravan and meets an Englishman, was also going with the caravan. During his journey the Englishman told him about the alchemist.

The caravan stays at an oasis because war was going around in the desert. There he met a girl name Fatima and soon both fell in love.

At the oasis Santiago had a vision that an army would attack them. He explains it to the chief of oasis and therefore they manage to overpower the tribesmen army later attacked them. The chief of oasis awarded Santiago with 50 gold coins.

Afterwards Santiago meets an alchemist who acts as his mentor and guides him to the pyramid. While travelling with the alchemist they were robbed by a tribe but somehow succeed in getting away with it.

When they reach a monastery, alchemist gets to his separate way. But form there the Egyptian pyramids were only at the distance of 3 hours. Alchemist gave the boy with some gold before he left for pyramids.

At last Santiago arrives at the pyramid. He had achieved what he was dreaming for more than a year; his heart was bursting with joy. Santiago was shedding tears for being at the height of happiness. He dug where his tears fell.

Suddenly three figures appear in the dark. They were robbers and forced the boy to dig more when they found the gold alchemist gave him. They though Santiago was hiding something precious. But when Santiago found nothing after digging deep, they started beating him. Santiago started bleeding. He told the three about his dream, as he thought that treasure would be useless if he dies. One of three said Santiago had nothing and he might have himself stolen the gold and left him.

The one, who said it, comes back and told Santiago that he had the same dream of a treasure hiding in an abandon church in Spain. But he was not stupid therefore he never went to Spain just because of a dream. Now it all came to Santiago that the treasure he was searching for was at the same abandon church where he had the dream. Ultimately, his dream came true when he get back to that abandon church in Spain and dig out his treasure. He now thinks about Fatima, who is waiting for him.





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